Imperial Shuttle

The bird base lends itself well for an imperial shuttle but you need to get the length of the tip fold (steps 2-4) right for the cockpit to look correctly proportioned in the end.

Start from bird base.

Valley fold the tip. Then unfold again.

Bend the slot open a bit and fold the tip back down.

Slip the tip inside.

Fold the upper half downward.

Valley fold along the vertical center line.

Fold the top layer upwards.

Fold the bottom layer upwards.

Squash fold the lower part.

Fold both sides upwards.

Valley (or mountain-) fold all upper wing tips at the same location and unfold again.

Now inside reverse fold the wing tips.

Valley-fold the base's left and right edges to the center.

Fold the base by 90 degrees. This will make the next step easier to apply.

Valley fold the edges to the center line.

Fold the left and right halfs of the base upwards again.

Valley fold the left wing down right above the fuselage. Then unfold it again.

Add another valley fold right above the previous one.

Valley fold the wing back up right where it touches the fuselage.

Repeat the previous three steps on the other side.

Squash fold the front.

Fold the cockpit down.

Unfold the cockpit a little.

Unfold the wings.

Drawing a black windshield onto the cockpit makes it look a lot more like the imperial shuttle.