TIE Interceptor

This is the first origami model I ever created.
Note: as opposed to the the way it is shown below you might want to put the origami paper's colored face up rather than down to end up with colored wings.

Diagonally fold in both ways and unfold again.

Fold two corners to the center.

Turn to the opposite side.

Fold the long edges to the center.

Valley-fold along the center line.

Fold one side over along the small triangle edge that is still visible.

Unfold the previous fold and apply the same step to the other side. Flip the model over and repeat the previous two folds.

You have now prepared what will later become the cockpit.

Valley-fold one side exactly where the small triangle ends. Then mountain-fold at the same location.

Repeat for the other side.

Unfold. The model should now look like this.

Diagonally fold both sides upwards so that the inner edges are located where the small blue triangle ends.

Squash-fold both sides.

Turn to the opposite side.

Diagonally fold the outer wing edges as shown.

Fold outer wing tips to the center lines.

Turn the model around.

Fold both wings around effectively rotating them by 180 degrees.

Now fold the outer wing edges again, the same way as before.

Again fold the wing tips over.

Now give the model its 3d shape by partially unfolding the upper and lower wing tips, then unfolding the wing bases by 90 degrees and finally reemphasizing the cockpit folds prepared before.