TIE Interceptor, Version 2.0

My first TIE Interceptor did not have split wings.
This second iteration corrects this flaw by starting off of a modified windmill base.
The thicker folds towards the end can be a bit tricky, so make sure to crease thoroughly.
Also consider doing version 1 first, if you haven't done so already. The last steps are pretty similar.

Start with the uncolored side up.

Valley fold horizontally.

Valley fold the upper layer horizontally.

Flip to the other side.

Again valley fold the upper layer horizontally.

Unfold and rotate the page by 90 degrees. Then repeat all steps.

The unfolded model should now look like this.

Refold the outer two vertical valley-folds.

Valley fold the four corners.

Unfold again.

Valley fold all corners.

Flip the page.

Diagonally valley fold and unfold again.

Repeat along the other diagonal.

Unfold again.

Valley fold all four corners along a parallel line to the previous folds, but a bit closer to the center.

Now fold the previous creases again so that you end up with a z-fold on all corners.

Horizontally valley fold to the center line along the creases prepared previously.

Vertically valley fold to the center.

Unfold everything.

Bring the midpoints of the left and right edges to the page's center.

Start folding the top and bottom edges to the center while letting the z-fold tips bend outwards.

You should then end up with this.

Horizontally valley fold the bottom half to the center.

Likewise the top half.

Reopen the last upper fold and valley fold the right tip, but only crease it until you hit the fold you just opened.

Now refold the top edge and slip the folded wing tip's excess paper inward.

The finished fold should look like this.

Do the same for the remaining three tips.

Reverse the model.

Horizontally valley fold along the center.

From now on, the next steps are pretty much the same as in the first version of the TIE Interceptor. Start with the folds preparing the cockpit.

Valley and mountain fold both sides.

Prepare the wing base folds. Again in both ways mountain and valley.

Prepare the wing's squash fold.

Squash fold the wing.

Likewise for the other wing.

Flip over.

Fold the wing bases along the extension lines of the wing's slot.

You are done!